Spring Barley

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Barley is an annual cereal grain used for animal fodder, as a base malt for beer and other beverages, and in breads and other foods. It is found as either two or six row barley, referring to the rows on the seed head. Some varieties are spring planted, and some summer or fall. Barley likes to grow in cooler temperatures, but is not as winter hardy as wheat, rye or triticale. It is relatively drought tolerant and performs better on alkaline and saline soils than other cover crops. Spring Barley is normally planted around March 1st,where as winter Barley is planted around September 15th.

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Latin Name

Hordeum vulgare


Burton (Certified), Champion (Certified), Goldeneye (Non-Cert.), Hays (Non-Cert), Steptoe (Non-Cert.), Varieties may vary annually



Life Span


Seedling Rate

Dryland: 50-60 # per acre Irrigated: 70-100 # per acre


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