Cicer Milk Vetch

Astragalus cicer

A winter-hardy, introduced, grazing tolerant, long-lived, slow-establishing, spreading legume. Requires inoculation. A heavy forage producer with forage quality and hay yields nearly equal that of alfalfa. Non-bloating. Good for high elevation reclamation and pastures. Works well in a mixed pasture with grass but plant in alternate rows or the grass will out-compete the Cicer due to slow establishment. Stands become thicker with age due to strong rhizomes. Does best with precipitation between 18-30”. Palatable. Fairly drought tolerant. Due to the very hard seed, scarification is beneficial approximately 1 week before planting. It can be found at elevations up to 10,000 ft.

Lifespan: Perennial
Season: Warm
Soil: Sandy
Habitat: Dryland pastures, Rangelands, Stream banks

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Oxley II

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