Sandberg Bluegrass

Poa secunda ssp. sandbergii

A bunchgrass common to the Western United States. It reaches only 8-16 inches in height, growing in small dense tufts. Sandberg is a pioneer species, readily invading disturbed areas. Because of its small size, it will seldom dominate a site. The plant is quite drought-tolerant and will grow up to 12,000ft in elevation. Very similar to Canby Bluegrass but more drought tolerant and less productive. Very cold and winter hardy, but will not tolerate high water tables or prolonged flooding.

Lifespan: Perennial
Season: Cool
Origin: Native
Soil: Sandy, Loam
Habitat: Meadows, Open woods, Dry gravely slopes, Rangelands, Foothills, Roadsides, Plains

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