Western Wheatgrass

Pascopyrum smithii

A long-lived, late maturing native grass, 12-40” in height, widely distributed, winter hardy, strongly rhizomatous with coarse blue-green leaves. Protein content is normally higher than other wheatgrasses once cured. Western Wheatgrass is the most aggressive native sod grass available. And once established it provides excellent soil binding erosion control characteristics. Performs best in areas with over 12” of precipitation and can be found up to 10,500 ft. in elevation.

Lifespan: Perennial
Season: Cool
Origin: Native
Soil: Sandy, Silty, Clay, Loam
Habitat: Meadows, Open woods, Valleys, Stream banks, Dry gravely slopes, Rangelands, Ditch banks, Dryland pastures, Foothills, Roadsides, Prairies, Plains

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