Deep Root Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

A blend of Kentucky Bluegrass that exhibits durability under heavy traffic use and high shoot density at fairway clipping heights to provide exceptional playability. • Tolerant of close mowing, down to ½” • Fast establishing with excellent seedling vigor • Persistent under high and low maintenance • Widely adaptable to a variety of environmental conditions
• Luxurious, rich green color • Excellent disease resistance • Maintains turf grass quality throughout the summer • Attractive, playable surface in all four seasons • Superior performance • Improved resistance to devastating disease which helps reduce the need for fungicides • Higher turf grass shoot density to keep many undesirable weeds from invading the turf to help reduce need for herbicides • Inherent sub-surface rhizomes to increase the speed of healing of wear areas • Exceptional dark green color reduces the need for cosmetic fertilizer applications • Improved cool season color retention Superior winter hardiness provides better protection from both desiccation and direct low temperature injury
25% Kentucky Bluegrass, Mercury 25% Kentucky Bluegrass, Armada 20% Kentucky Bluegrass, Appalachian 15% Kentucky Bluegrass, Bandera 15% Kentucky Bluegrass, 4-Seasons Seeding Rate: 6-8# per 1000 sq. feet

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Deep Root Kentucky Blugrass Blend

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