Buffalo Brand Native Turf Mix

This mixture represents our native shortgrass prairie. These native grasses are low maintenance due to low water requirements, low amounts of supplemental fertilization and require infrequent mowing. Sharp’s Improved Prime Buffalograss is slected for the variety’s hybrid vigor and its wide geographical adaptation. Blue Grama adds a slightly deeper cast to the very light green color of the Buffalograss. Blue Grama is more adapted to sandy soils then pure Buffalograss. Native turf turns straw-colored after the first frost in the fall and greens up with warmer weather in the late spring. Not recommended for elevations over 6000 ft. this mix displays excellent cold, heat, and drought tolerance. It is not salt or shade tolerant. 66% Buffalo, Sharp’s Improved II w/ KNO3 34% Blue Grama, Native

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Origin: Native
Soil: Sandy
Recommended Use: Lawns

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Buffalo Brand Native Turf Mix

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