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Introduced, medium height, deep-rooted, very productive, palatable perennial legume. Grown from sea level to elevations above 8,000 ft. Widely used for pasture, range and revegetation. Some spreading varieties available, but most have an upright growth habit. Fair drought tolerance. Many improved varieties available. Compatible with most dryland and irrigated forage grasses. Bloat can be a problem when grazing alfalfa.
Northern Origin – also called common alfalfa
Ladak and Ranger – Dryland alfalfa
Lahonton – A semi-dormant common alfalfa planted in warmer climates
Rhizoma – A creeping rooted alfalfa commonly used for grazing
Falcata – A yellow flowered reclamation alfalfa

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Falcata, Ladak, Lahonton, Northern Origin, Ranger, Rhizoma, Vernal


Plains, Prairies

Life Span


Seedling Rate

10-15 lbs. per acre drilled

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