Buffalo Brand Dryland Pasture Mix


A premium mixture of introduced cool-season grasses for the Great Plains states and the Intermountain region. This mix is made up of drought-tolerant, dryland forage grasses that are excellent for moderate spring grazing and fall pastures. It works well for weed control and soil stabilization in erosion control areas. Our best selling mix!

20% Siberian Wheatgrass, Vavilov

20% Forage Perennial Ryegrass, VNS

15% Orchardgrass, Profile

15% Smooth Brome, VNS

15% Intermediate Wheatgrass, Rush

15% Pubescent Wheatgrass, Luna

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Buffalo Brand Dryland Pasture Mix



Seedling Rate

Drilled 20-25 lbs. per acre Broadcasting 30-35 lbs. per acre


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