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A deep-rooted, non-bloating, long-lived, drought-tolerant perennial legume that does well in areas with over 12” of precipitation. Seed must be inoculated with sainfoin-specific Rhizobium. Alfalfa is normally more productive for hay, but Sainfoin is ideal for grazing because it is non-bloating and readily consumed by livestock. Since regrowth is generally poor, it is often cut once for hay and then grazed for the rest of the season. It does not do well on soils which are wet or have a high water table. Sainfoin is a large seed but should not be planted too deep. It can be found at elevations up to 6,000 ft.

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Latin Name

Onobrychis viciifolia


Eski, Remont, Shoshone



Life Span



Good forage for cattle, sheep, deer, and elk

Seedling Rate

25# per acre dryland, 35# per acre irrigated

Seeds Per Pound



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